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Karate Training – I was happy to join the Karate Course this year. Since I was almost late on yesterday’s training – through a demo in the city – I made sure to get going early. I took the bus 1 hour earlier, so it’d be safe. Since I started studying Martial Arts, I have discovered a special love for joining the training whenever possible.

Besides, I was helping as a cashier, so we’d meet earlier to set everything up. Fairly said, it was not early enough and stressed us out since we also had to change everything before 3 pm. Including making sure everyone paid the fee – even when they’re a bit late.

Being a cashier was my first and so much fun! We have our registration system for every artist to have a look at everyone, and in case they are doing an exam, which would make it easier to calculate the price. The usual fee is 15€ for kids until age 14, and from 15 on, they’d pay 25€. Plus, it could be complicated depending on an exam or not and which belt that’d be for.

After we managed that, we changed and started the training!

Karate Training – Dojo Anniversary – Karate Course

Honestly, I have had a slight dejavú since last year. It was one of my first ever courses for 3 ½ hours. And I love joining those, and they can be so much fun!

It depends on which dojo would be the host, but I’d always try to participate. Sometimes, we also have various sensei as guests, which is even more fun. At the Summer Camp 2023, there were 3 guest trainers with us. All of them had different teaching techniques, and it was great! I will post an article about it!

Anyway, training was challenging, as always, which I appreciate. I learned a lot and didn’t take it too badly when not managing all of them. We went through some strikes that were needed for the Purple Belt, aka 5th Kyu, because we had some artists in our group going for the exam, and we’d always go through with all strikes and techniques for an exam when needed.

Exhausted and happy, we finished training with a Cesar and showered afterward.

After training, for some, it was time to pass their exam. Some went for white belt, 9th Kyu, others for 8th Kyu, yellow belt. I’d have to say we had the most doing white belt.

It’s not entirely done yet, but we managed to sell some tickets for the 60th anniversary in March! Two dojos decided to celebrate together, one celebrating 25 years and the second celebrating 35 years, which is amazing!

We decided to round off the evening with some food, including pizza!
It was an important evening, so there were some things to clean up for the dojo anniversary planning.


The training went great! I love meeting others, socializing with them, and fully entering training mode.
It was my first time being a cashier, and it was fun! I am already considering offering that more often.

Of course, I missed the time and forgot to check for a bus, but it’s never a problem when I get to ask others to give me a ride. I like that in a community.
That doesn’t mean I would only take it; I am open to giving back. Helping out as a cashier was my first step in doing so.
I also had someone helping me move some stuff sometimes, and when I forgot to give her the money back for pizza, she got me back then; I would pay her one back. Which I did, and it’s such a great thing to have.

Have you ever worked as a cashier, done a belt exam, and/ or even watched others doing it?

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