Thursday , 21 September 2023

Hello world 2023!

Hello world, and welcome!
I love to travel and plan to go on regular trips. Since I also love talking about it, I was already considering a blog for a while. I’m just not a huge fan of showing myself in front of the camera – I’d rather take those pictures myself.

edit: Since I read it on a post, nobody wants to read journal-like entries, I will go with lists and anything useful. For now, I just want to write about my trip -, e.g. my trip to Cologne this year or my yearly hiking trips, the Malta trip I went on with a friend – experiences and might change those later on.
Since this is a whole new journey, to begin with, I will have to have a lot to learn.

Sometimes, I also talk about food – a lot. Since I have to go for a vegan diet because of health reasons, I’d like to write about it at some point.
Because I want to share my story, which is not for “just because” reasons but for my health; It’s for a reason, and that being sad as someone who loved cheese once. I still can’t always resist, but I am working on it for my health.

Another topic I might include here is tech/ coding stuff. Since I’m a coder/ programmer and love spending time on that stuff, I’d like to share my experience.
This might also include artsy and creative-related stuff since I draw from time to time, but I also do handcrafting for fun, like knitting, sewing, and crocheting.

You’re all welcome to join me here, but let me tell you that I accept feedback and fair discussions but don’t tolerate toxic behavior.
After all, I want this to be a healthy place.


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