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From Dojos to Digital Canvas: Exploring the Fusion of Travel, Karate, Coding, and Craft

From Dojos To Digital Canvas – that’s what Sunrivity is about. You can find articles about all kinds of stuff, mainly involving these topics, here.

This is a re-written re-post on Sunrivity. As the original post got deleted, I thought of starting it over and using the chance to write even more as an introduction.

From Dojos To Digital Canvas – Welcome To My First Post!

gamescom cologne


I love to travel and plan to go on regular trips, especially since my career in Karate started, and it’s a great way to combine those two hobbies. There are many more reasons for me to go out there for a day, two, or even a week. Since I also love talking about my trips and sharing my experiences, I was already considering a blog and blogging about it for a while.
Check out my trip to Gamescom!

I discovered an app that simulates pen pals. It takes at least as long as letters would (assumingly) take IRL to arrive in various places worldwide, with the advantage of not getting lost or incurring any costs.
So far, I find it funny to interact with others, but that waiting time is horrible. Well, it’s almost no different than texting someone from the other end of the world via text messenger since time zones exist and make it hard sometimes.

Art & Crafting, Coding

Another topic I might include here is anything related to art or creativity. I have coding here and handcrafting like knitting because I found my love only recently on the latter, and where else than talk about it more properly here? Sharing and discussing projects always encourages me to go further.
My education as a software engineer got me into topics such as coding, questioning social media and their ethics, and so much more. I think it’s also a good enough reason to talk about that stuff here.


Oh, have I mentioned my love for Karate so far? You shouldn’t miss out on that, even though I think it was already mentioned. Never mind. I started recently and would never have considered enjoying any sport so much. I was a horse-riding girl my whole life, but karate is a whole different level from the one I get to experience. And as of right now, I don’t plan to give it up soon.
So, if you plan to stay around, I can’t guarantee not to talk about Karate—a lot.

Blogger’s Community

There’s also a blogger’s community I run on Discord. I think it’s the perfect place to introduce and discuss it properly.
I plan to have a place for all the bloggers. Since it’s a challenging journey and we all are in the same boat anyway, why not?
Just be aware that it targets hobby bloggers or those who use their blogs mainly to earn some (pocket) money. There are many other places for freelancers to look for work, but not this one.

Final thoughts

You’re very welcome to join me. Let me tell you that I accept and very much appreciate feedback. It’s great to learn new things. However, I don’t tolerate toxic behavior, and as such, I will not accept that. That’s all. It’s nice to meet you, or as the coder I am: Hello, World!


Are you more of an outdoor or indoor person? Any activities or hobbies you enjoy the most? Why so?

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